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Amazing weekend at Vaasa IDS

BOB, CACIB JCh Jo-Kin’s Name So Nice You Say It Twice ”Moto Moto” owner: Sari Tuomivirta

BOS, CACIB C.I.B. Ch Jo-Kin’s Forget The Brain Use The Hair ”Blondi”

Best Male 2, res-CACIB C.I.B. Ch Jo-Kin’s What A Smartie Pants ”Naldus” owner: Seija Rantamäki

Best Male 3, BOB veteran C.I.B. Ch Jo-Kin’s Wag That Ducktail ”Harley” owner: Seija Rantamäki

BOB breeder Jo-Kin’s

Thank you to judge Mr Rade Vesic for very kind words ”from breeder to breeder” when judging breeder’s group. Later we had exciting times when Moto Moto and our tibbe girl ”Bibi” (CIB Ch Pet Pursuit It Had To Be You) were BOTH shortlisted among the top 6 in the finals!! Bibi ended up then winning the group and next day also res-BIS!!

Warmest thank you goes to Sari and Seija for taking such good care of your Jo-Kin’s boys and Tea Kannasto for the pictures and company And also all the other friends and family we met! What a lovely weekend all together. Beautiful picture of Moto (c) Nanna Salmela Photography.


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