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Vaasa & Tallinn INT shows

🐾 1000 km, 2 days, 2 different countries and not that much sleep 🐾

On Saturday we had a super “team meeting” (😍❤️) in Vaasa INT show. There where 7 Jo-Kin’s Shih Tzus entered (total entry 18). And on Sunday we headed to Tallinn, Estonia for Tallinn Winner 2019 with 3 Jo-Kin’s Tzus.

Saturday Vaasa INT show results:

Ch Jo-Kin’s Second Seduction "Inkeri" BOB with CACIB

Ch Jo-Kin’s Wag That Ducktail "Harley" BOS with CACIB

Ch Jo-Kin’s Vodka Aston Martini "Mokke" BM-2 with r-CACIB

Ch Jo-Kin’s Kiss Me Close "Bono" BOB veteran and BM-4

Jo-Kin’s What A Smartie Pants "Naldus" EXC-1 with CQ

Jo-Kin’s My Riesen To Living "Paddy" EXC-2 with CQ and r-CAC

Jo-Kin’s Forget The Brain Use The Hair "Blondi" BB-4 with CAC

Kennel Jo-Kin’s BOB breeder

Congratulations to Harley's & "Naldu's owner Seija Rantamäki, Mokke's owner Sirpa Eronen, and Paddy's owners Maarit Ritari & Emma Tammi.

Sunday Tallinn INT show results:

Ch Jo-Kin’s Vodka Aston Martini "Mokke" BOB with CAC and CACIB -> new EE CH and TLNW-19 Ch Jo-Kin’s Second Seduction "Inkeri" BOS with CACIB -> New INT Ch and TLNW-19

Jo-Kin’s Forget The Brain Use The Hair "Blondi" BB-2, BOB-Junior, Jun-CAC and new TLNJW-19

Kennel Jo-Kin’s BOB-breeder

"Mokke" was also shortlisted in TOP 6 in the finals! Congratulations to Mokke's owner Sirpa Eronen (Sirpa's Boys)!

THANK YOU so much to all who spend the weekend with us and helped us ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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