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Finnish Shih Tzu Speciality Show

We had AMAZING weekend in Finnish Shih Tzu Club's main Speciality Show!

Three shows in one weekend, and Team Jo-Kin's did so well! 🎉

Results from Speciality: BM-1, r-BIS Ch Jo-Kin's Wag That Ducktail "Harley", owner Seija Rantamäki BM-4, CAC Jo-Kin's All I Ever Wanted "Weikko", owner Sirpa Eronen BB-2 Ch Jo-Kin's Second Seduction "Inkeri" BOS junior, r-CAC Jo-Kin's Darth Vader Is Not My Father "Vade", owner Sirpa Eronen BOS veteran Ch Jo-Kin's Kiss Me Close "Bono", owner Seija Rantamäki

Results from Joensuu INT show: BB-1, BOB, CACIB Ch Jo-Kin's Second Seduction "Inkeri" BM-2, r-CACIB Ch Jo-Kin's Vodka Aston Martini "Mokke", owner Sirpa Eronen BM-3, BOS veteran Ch Jo-Kin's Kisser King "Namu" BM-4, CAC Jo-Kin's Darth Vader Is Not My Father "Vade", owner Sirpa Eronen

Results from Joensuu NAT show: BB-1, BOS Ch Jo-Kin's Second Seduction "Inkeri" BB-3 Ch Jo-Kin's Unwritten Heart Song, owner Henriette Schrader BM-2 Ch Jo-Kin's Vodka Aston Martini, owner Sirpa Eronen BM-3, r-CAC Jo-Kin's Darth Vader Is Not My Father, owner Sirpa Eronen BM-4 Jo-Kin's All I Ever Wanted, owner Sirpa Eronen BOB veteran Ch Jo-Kin’s Kiss Me Close, owner Seija Rantamäki

And last but not least - team Jo-Kin's was BOB breeder in every show!

Thank you once more to our much loved team and friends! ❤ Thank you also to judges Carola Vorderstemann, Vanessa Wegmann, and Nina Karlsdotter for appreciating our dogs so highly!