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Finnish Afghan Hound Speciality

We had lovely day at our national Afghan Hound speciality show!

Jo-Kin’s Life Gave Me Lemons “Lenny” was placed second in juniors (7 males) with CQ and finally received r-CAC! This is his 4th show - 2 CAC's and 2 re-CAC's so far!

Jo-Kin’s Got The Blues For Red “Redi” amazed us by WINNING junior bitces (class of 5) with CQ, receiving later also r-CAC and then BOS JUNIOR!

We’re so proud of our youngsters, first Jo-Kin’s litter and they did so well in their first Speciality Show!

Thank you all friends for this amazing day! We are sure to remember this forever.

Redi was talented handled by Ida Pecko. Lenny and Redi are co-owned with Pia & Jarkko Sillanpää. Thank you so so so much to Pia, Jarkko and Ida for this day! These lovely pictures are taken by Sanna Hietaoja, thank you for them!

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