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Vaasa INT show

Lovely weekend behind, here are the results: BM-1, CACIB Ch Jo-Kin’s Vodka Aston Martini (o. Sirpa Eronen) BM-2, BOB veteran Ch Jo-Kin’s Kisser King BM-4, r-CAC Jo-Kin’s All I Ever Wanted (o. Sirpa Eronen) 2nd in veteran Ch Jo-Kin’s Kiss Me Close (o. Seija Rantamäki) 2nd in champion Ch Jo-Kin’s Wag That Ducktail (o. Seija Rantamäki) BB-2, r-CACIB Ch Jo-Kin’s Second Seduction BOB puppy Jo-Kin’s Darth Vader Is Not My Father (o. Sirpa Eronen) BOB breeder Jo-Kin’s

Thank you judge Mrs Elina Haapaniemi for thinking so highly of our breeding. Picture copyright Ritva Kinnunen.

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