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No puppies at the moment!

Parents of our last puppies:



C.I.B.* BALT & FI & LV & EE & LT & RUS & RKF & BY CH LV JCH EE JCH Riga W-17 BY W-18

Fly Fly Hanky Panky

Health checks

knees: 0/0

eyes: clear

Offspring: 3 litters in Russia, 1 litter in Sweden


Arla JV-14.jpg

FI CH Nord JW-14 FI JW-14 HeJW-14

Jo-Kin's Kuka Muu Muka

Health checks

knees: 1/1 (lat)

eyes: clear

Offspring: 1 litter in Finland

Arla ja Hanky 2019 sukutaulu.png
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