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Inkeri BOB at Jyväskylä INT

Great day at Jyväskylä INT show!

❄️ Inkeri ❄️ C.I.B. Nord FI DK EE LV Ch NORDW-17 TLNW-19 Jo-Kin’s Second Seduction, BOB with CACIB

🌸 Blondi 🌸 Jo-Kin’s Forget The Brain Use The Hair, BB3 with CAC (number 17)

⭐️ Paddington ⭐️ Jo-Kin’s My Riesen To Living, BM3 with r-CAC

Kennel Jo-Kin’s also BOB breeder!

Jo-Kin's Second Seduction "Inkeri"

Jo-Kin's Forget The Brain Use The Hair "Blondi"

Jo-Kin's My Riesen To Living "Paddy"

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