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Jyväskylä INT show

Today at Jyväskylä INT under Mr Goran Gladic we had:


CH Jo-Kin’s Second Seduction “Inkeri” BB2 with re-CACIB


Sirpa's boy JCh Jo-Kin’s Darth Vader Is Not My Father “Vade” BM2 with CAC and re-CACIB that will be CACIB!

It was first time for Vade in intermediate class!


Our 9 months old baby, Jo-Kin’s Forget The Brain Use The Hair “Blondi” BB3 and CAC! She also got CAC yesterday!

Seija's boy “Bono” Ch Jo-Kin’s Kiss Me Close was BOS-veteran and Seija's boy “Harley” CIB CH Jo-Kin’s Wag That Ducktail was 3rd in champions with CQ. Also our breeders group was again BOB!

Thank you again team, owners and friends for this day!!

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